Claims dealing

Claim management services are an integral and important part of Eurovalley's activities. A team of experts handles hundreds of cases per year. The team stands on your side at all times. Thanks to our extensive experience and background, our specialists help to solve industrial accidents, complex liability cases and common damages.

If damage occurs, you can be sure that Eurovalley will actively take over all negotiations with the insurance company. Eurovalley team will deal with the damage in your interest until all the justified claims are settled. Immediately after reporting the damage, Eurovalley staff will begin to manage the entire claim settlement process. They coordinate the activities of insurers, experts and other parties leading to the fulfillment of all obligations towards you.

An individual approach ensures that we can agree with you on how to deal with damage according to your wishes and needs.

Through the extranet you can monitor the progress of your claim and detailed information at any time. With a simple online form, you can easily and quickly report new damage.


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