Property damage insurance

Property damage insurance is basic insurance useful for everyone, from individuals to large companies. All property, be it owned or non-owned, can be insured. It protects the owner of the property against unforeseen and unexpected events.

Insurance can be arranged against selected perils or againt „all risks”. In the case of “all risks” property insurance, the insurance covers all damages except those excluded in the insurance conditions or in the insurance contract.

Property insurance will provide you with protection against the consequences of natural disasters (fire, flood, storm, hail, weight of snow, water damage, etc.), theft and vandalism, glass breakage, etc:

  1. Real estate property insurance
  2. Equipment and supplies insurance
  3. Insurance of money and valuables
  4. Cargo insurance (property during transport)
  5. Insurance of technical risks (insurance of machines, insurance of electronics)
  6. Construction and erection alll risks insurance (CAR / EAR)


EUROVALLEY specialists will analyze your risks and existing insurance. Based on this analysis, they will then propose specific solutions to your insurance needs. EUROVALLEY modifies the insurance protection meet your expectations by including special contractual arrangements.

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