Administration and updating of insurance program

Eurovalley specialists tailor each insurance program based on an analysis of the risks, requirements and needs of a particular client. When designing the insurance program we pay particular attention to:

  • individual needs and requirements of the client
  • correct risk analysis and presentation in order to get the best price offer for the client
  • the quality of the coverage, corresponding sums insured and the appropriate deductibles
  • enforcement of non-standard contractual arrangements in favor of the client
  • Submission of variant insurance offers


Comprehensive support, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, includes:

  • implementation of an insurance program at your chosen insurance company
  • claims handling
  • regular updating of insurance contracts and ensuring their renewal
  • evaluation of insurance conditions, insurance quotations
  • training and seminars
  • setting up effective giodelines for insurance management and claims handling
  • assessing the quality and scope of insurance contracts of suppliers and customers
  • information on insurance market news, legislative changes


Eurovalley services are based on close cooperation with your company, enabling you to meet your daily needs and solve current problems.

We will be pleased to provide you with more information about the scope of services provided.


Eurovalley uses its own information system, which allows to effectively manage all client data. With online access to the information system, up-to-date information is always available on:

  • insurance contracts
  • claims
  • records of  regarding the client's insurance
  • insurance companies
  • other services depending on the extent of cooperation (electronic public procurement system, etc.)


The information system is continually maintained and improved by colleagues from development department.


Eurovalley clients can work with this information through a web interface. It gives them access to all important information about their insurance, such as:

  • overview of insurance contracts
  • contacts to members of the Eurovalley Insurance Management Team
  • information about the premium due date
  • information on the development of claims
  • ability to report claims
  • statistical overviews (eg damage, fleet information), etc.


The extranet also includes information on insurance legislation, insurance conditions of individual insurers and interesting information from the market.

Of course, all our technologies are focused on maximum security, which is guaranteed by high quality measures smilar to ones used by reputable financial institutions.


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