Counseling and education

Insurance advisory services is based on the knowledge and experience of many different disciplines. Thanks to the partnership of Eurovalley with the best specialists in various areas of insurance (reinsurance, risk management, etc.) and other fields of expertise (legislation, education, marketing, technical fields, etc.), the best experts are at your disposal.

Eurovalley provides consultancy services in the following areas:

  • new types of insurance
  • information from the insurance market
  • claims handling
  • determining the maximum possible damage in relation to investments
  • assessment of the level of insurance of supply companies
  • Securing property against unwanted access
  • legislation
  • crisis public relations

An essential part of insurance services is also work with information. Analyses of insured events, accidents and causes of insured events serve as useful feedback in relation to the concluded insurance coverage and at the same time play an irreplaceable role in terms of the development of your insurance.

We will be pleased to provide you with more information about the scope of the consultancy provided.

Our services also include the design and implementation of educational programs focusing on insurance, reinsurance and risk management. An integral part of our services is also methodological support and creation of manuals aimed at acquainting the responsible persons of your company with the newly agreed insurance program and the procedures in the event of an insured event.

Educational programs focus mainly on the following topics:

  • risk management, emergency planning
  • basics of insurance
  • individual insurance products, related legislation
  • specialty products (eg weather insurance, D&O insurance, contamination insurance, etc.)
  • reinsurance
  • work safety
  • claims handling procedures
  • drivers‘ training and other training for specific groups of employees
  • trends in the domestic and foreign insurance markets
  • familiarization with the company's insurance program

This way we help you develop your knowledge of insurance and risk management. Teaching is provided by Eurovalley specialists, possibly in cooperation with specialists in the respective field.

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