Public procurement in a nutshell

The issue of public procurement is a big topic for almost every client and causes many wrinkles on the forehead of all involved employees. The causes can be seen in competititive suppliers‘ environment. Many suppliers then use their capabilities and question public tenders in variable aspects. Another cause is the legislative change, which in many ways regulated the law on public procurement, only sometimes for the better. However, the fact remains that the lack of clarity in the interpretation of some parts of the Public Procurement Act and the creative approach of both contracting authorities and suppliers are largely leading to different interpretations of this Act, which is unfortunately often reflected in the resulting practice.

Our clients in a field of public institutions, state-owned companies and generally companies belonging to the segment of public organizations often ask us for help in preparing the public contract. To offer a helping hand in this area, we cooperate with ZAFIN group s.r.o., which offers tailored public procurement solutions. ZAFIN has been offering its services in this area for almost ten years and is thus an established part of the portfolio of services we offer to all of our clients.

If the client does not have the necessary workforce to carry out the tender procedure or does not have the necessary experience required by the tender procedure, this service is the right solution. On behalf of the client we take over all preparation, realization and last but not least also evaluation of the public contract.

Our team includes external legal advisers as well as specialists in specific contracts, who will help the public entity with implementing the public contract in compliance with the Act No. 134/2016 Coll., or European legislation (eg. if the financing comes from the European funds).

List of services:

  • Suggestion of type and mode of the procurement procedure
  • Scheduling
  • Creating the call for proposals
  • Creating the procurement documentation
  • Managing all documentation
  • Processing the procurement electronically
  • Evaluation of bids by E-auction
  • Processing of business conditions
  • Records of all acts in the procurement procedure
  • Organizational provision of the procurement
  • Organization of the evaluation commitee
  • Participation in commitee meetings
  • Preparation of evaluation documents
  • Creating an e-auction report
  • Communicating with suppliers
  • Document processing for the public institution’s procurement profile
  • Processing objections
  • Processing documents for the Office for the protection of competition
  • Finalizing all documentation


We are ready to meet the requirements of individual clients very comprehensively, with a high level of expertise.

We have designed a client portal for our clients, where they can monitor the development and status of their public procurement. The client zone is connected to our information system in the online mode and allows the client to follow the progress in the activity schedule, the most important milestones, etc. at any time. The client is also allowed access to the archive of all his already finalized public contracts, where he subsequently finds all the documents related to these contracts.

Our client portal also allows our clients to enter electronic auctions. During the electronic auction, the client can monitor the development of online offers, the number of participants, the price comparison in a graphic form that suits them.

We believe in a strong connection with our clients and we consider the solution of the client section to be very user-friendly. Cooperation with us brings a very pleasant experience both for the public institution as well as for the individual applicants.



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