Eurovalley Code of Business Conduct

Your responsibilities while working with Eurovalley s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as EV):

While working for EV, you are required to maintain a high level of integrity. This material informs you of EV's Code of Conduct and outlines the rules that support this behavior.

If you have any questions or doubts about any rule, please contact your direct contact person at EV.

The obligations contained in this document may be amended or extended by your agreement or contracts with EV.

EV Code of Conduct

It invites individuals to:

• comply with all applicable laws

• be honest, honorable, and trustworthy in all activities and relationships

• Avoid all conflicts of interest between work and personal matters

• extend the principle of equality to diverse communities

• strive to create a safe working environment and protect the environment

• Recognize, appreciate and exemplify ethical behavior

General principles

As an independent insurance broker, you are obliged to select and propose to the client only the insurance that best suits the client's need for insurance protection.

Respect the rules of competition and business practices, avoid using false and defamatory statements about your competitors and anything that could violate client confidence and create a distorted impression of its services.

Conduct all advertising truthfully in accordance with a fair competition without any misleading advertising elements.

As part of the insurance industry, you are required to participate in maintaining a healthy and functioning insurance market.

Principles of behavior in relation to clients

• observe the confidentiality policy regarding all matters relating to client insurance

• Provide fundamentally complete, true, unbiased and understandable information about insurance companies, insurance products and their price

• do not accept the client's requests to arrange insurance with dishonest intentions

• depending on the content of the contract with the client, you are responsible for comprehensive risk analysis, processing of insurance program proposals, consulting and advisory services, administration of concluded insurance and cooperation in the event of insurance claims

• You must place insurance for the price and conditions submitted by the insurer

• Do not use unfair and unethical practices to compete against a client

Conflict of interest

• Avoid any activities or relationships that may conflict with or appear to conflict with your work in performing EV tasks

• do not use EV resources and resources for your activities that you are performing outside of EV's work

• Do not discredit EV's name or reputation

• If there is a potential conflict of interest, report it in writing to your direct contact with EV

Control and accounting procedures

• Follow accounting, reporting, financial management and control policies

• Keep and maintain your chronological and other records related to the work of OKG up to date and complete and treat it as confidential

• ensure the confidentiality of EV information

• Do not disclose EV information outside of EV, unless you have been expressly authorized by EV management

Intellectual property

• protect the intellectual property of both EV and third parties

• except as required by your work, do not disclose internal or confidential information or data from EV or others that are protected by EV as confidential

• at the end of your cooperation with EV, hand over everything in EV's property without undue delay, including documents of a confidential or internal nature

• If you are unsure what is considered internal or confidential information and documents, contact your direct contact at EV

Fair employment relations

• apply the principle of equal and impartial treatment to all individuals regardless of their race, color, religion, nationality, gender, age, disability or any other specific feature protected by law

• maintain a working environment free from harassment of any nature, including sexual harassment and bullying

Environment, health and safety at work

• comply with all relevant laws and regulations relating to environmental protection, health and safety, and fire protection

• Create and maintain a safe working environment

• prevent accidents at work

Security and crisis management

• Adhere to the rules of EV's individual buildings for entering and leaving buildings

• Prevent unauthorized persons from accessing EV's premises

• protect EV's property and equipment from theft and misuse

• encourage compliance with crime prevention practices that endanger EV's employees, clients, customers and business partners, as well as its facilities and technologies

Competitive relations

• never talk to EV competition representatives about prices, costs, profit margins or other topics that are the subject of your cooperation with EV

• Keep any communication with EV competitors only within the limits for which there is a legitimate business reason

• Avoid communication or conduct that could give rise to suspicions of unfair contracts or agreements

Relations with insurers

• Be fair and act lawfully, effectively and honestly in all relationships with suppliers

• You must never be dependent on any insurer

• have an up-to-date overview of the state of the insurance market, individual insurers and their products

• behave impartially and professionally when placing business, especially avoiding any defamation or favoring any of the insurers

• maintain good cooperation relationships with insurers, usually enshrined in partial cooperation agreements

Privacy Protection

• Use customer information only for legitimate business purposes

• secure your customer information both in writing and electronically

• do not obtain, process or store information about your clients in violation of the law, in particular in violation of the law and personal data protection

• if you come into contact with third-party personal data when performing your work duties, you are required to handle personal data in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On Personal Data Protection and GDPR

Cooperation with public authorities

• observe the highest degree of honesty in all contacts with representatives of public authorities and institutions

• when dealing with public authorities and institutions, always avoid even the appearance of inappropriate behavior and strictly observe laws and regulatory rules governing the provision of products and services to these entities

Internal and confidential information

• do not disclose (except as required by your work for EV) internal or confidential information or data from EV or any other entity that EV is required to protect as confidential

• EV information is owned by EV

• when completing your task for EV, hand over all the EV's belongings, including materials of a confidential or internal nature, without delay

• if you are not sure what is considered internal or confidential, ask your direct contact at EV for clarification


Eurovalley s.r.o. Code of Ethics in pdf format you can download here

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