Financial risk insurance

The management of companies is threatened by a number of unpleasant situations, the result of which is not direct material damage, but a certain financial loss, or the need to incur extraordinary and unplanned financial costs. Over time, for many such risks, insurance companies have developed specialized products, commonly referred to as "financial risk insurance".


  1. Outstanding invoices and receivables
  2. Financial guarantees (bonds), employment agency bankruptcy guarantee, excise duty guarantees, customs debt insurance, insurance of the financial capacity of the carrier
  • Employment agency bankruptcy guarantee,
  • Excise tax guarantee insurance
  • Customs debt insurance
  • Insurance of the financial capacity of the carrier
  1. Product recall
  2. Fraud and dishonest behavior
  3. Legal protection
  4. Travel insurance
  5. Terrorism insurance
  6. Abduction insurance
  7. Insurance of environmental damage and environmental risks
  8. Contamination insurance


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