Contamination insurance

Contamination insurance is designed for all manufacturers of goods intended for direct consumption prone to contamination , especially food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. The risk of contamination can be reduced, but not entirely eliminated, be it accidental contamination, improper manufacturing processes or intentional contamination.


Contamination insurance includes coverage mainly for the costs of:

  • product recall
  • related business interruptions
  • resuming sales
  • consultancy and advisorsy services
  • spent in connection with blackmail

Contamination insurance protects you in case of:

  • accidental contamination
  • intentional contamination
  • blackmail in connection with contamination

Usually, large contamination cases are associated with:

  • very wide publicity, which generally has a significant negative impact on sales
  • Loss of trust in the brand and the manufacturer’s reputation
  • financial loss as a result of a decrease in turnover and extra costs of product recall
  • loss of market share
  • Loss of significant contracts,
  • and more.

Which areas are risk?

  • food industry
  • cosmetics
  • pharmacy
  • tobacco products


EUROVALLEY specialists have experience with this specific type of insurance. They will gladly prepare the appropriate parameters of your insurance together with you and prepare a quotation.

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