Delivering goods or providing services with delayed payment on foreign or domestic markets always carries the risk of non-payment by the customer. Credit insurance covers the risks of non-payment due to the insolvency of the customer, insolvency or insolvency.

Who is the insurance for?

Credit insurance is designed for all companies that provide services or supply products on a delayed payment basis with a minimum annual turnover of at least CZK 20 million.


Why EUROVALLEY specialists recommend this insurance?

  • protection against non-payment
  • Reduction of the risk when finding new customers
  • Enabling sales growth and penetrating new markets
  • Avoiding widespread business losses in a market collapse in a particular territory
  • comprehensive information about potential and existing customers
  • income stabilization
  • recovery of unpaid debts


Examples of damage:

  • bankruptcy of the customer
  • rejection of bankruptcy petition for lack of assets
  • a court order authorizing settlement between the debtor and the creditor
  • execution, forced administration
  • non-payment for other reasons - secondary insolvency, delay of payments, “unwillingness” to pay, etc.


The purpose is not only to protect in case of non-payment, but also to prevent potential damages through continuous monitoring of customers' credit and the introduction of rules for the allocation of credit limits.

The insurance of receivables is always tailor-made to a specific client and it is absolutely necessary to thoroughly analyze all data before entering an insurance contract. EUROVALLEY specialists will be happy to provide you with a specific quote that will reflect your individual needs and cover the risks of non-payment of your claims.

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