Travel insurance

For most of us, travel insurance has become an automatic part of every holiday or longer trip abroad. However, we still underestimate the need for travel insurance for shorter trips to nearby countries and, for example, to Slovakia, where it is already paid for the intervention of mountain rescue services.

Travel insurance is usually composed of several different insurance products. However, not all Insurance contracts are the same and also cannot be judged by price only. For basic coverage of medical expenses insurance, primely those who suffer from a disease before traveling, shoud care what kind of cover will be taken. In certain cases, the insurance company could even refuse to pay. The same is the case of active sports and adrenaline sports or entertainment. There are also differences in assistance services, liability insurance, luggage insurance, etc.

EUROVALLEY specialists will be happy to explain in detail the principles of this insurance and prepare a non-binding price offer that reflects your individual needs and requirements.

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