Fraud Insurance

White collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement,..) in companies is a reality today. In particular, the expansion of electronic banking, photocopying and computer-aided accounting helps to facilitate crime by employees. However, ordinary theft insurance excludes this type of damage and must be taken out individually.

Although many managers or business owners believe their employees, police statistics are unrelenting and prove a number of cases of embezzlement in public administration, institutions and commercial businesses. Most of them are long-term employees who enjoy the high trust of their superiors and commit fraud for several years. Once detected, the chances of reimbursement are low.


The fraud insurance thus applies in particular to:

  • fraud by employees, including in cooperation with a third party
  • fraud caused by an unidentifiable employee


With fraud insurance you can be protected, for example, against:

  • theft of money or valuables from the business premises of the enterprise
  • theft of money or valuables away from business premises
  • counterfeit money or means of payment
  • computer fraud and cash transfers


EUROVALLEY specialists will be happy to explain in detail the principles of this insurance and prepare a non-binding price offer that reflects your individual needs and requirements.

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