Abduction insurance

The main aim of insurance of kidnapping and blackmail is to protect against these social phenomena, which are unfortunately increasingly common in today's world. The subject of kidnapping or blackmail is not only in remote parts of the world, but also in our country.


In particular, the following can be fulfilled from the abduction and blackmail insurance:

  • ransom, including its transportation and delivery
  • business interruption
  • interpreter's remuneration and expenses, security and PR consultants' costs
  • compensation for death or personal injury
  • one-off payment for psychological harm caused by kidnapping or assault


Abduction and extortion insurance protects you for example in case of:

  • kidnapping
  • extortion
  • ambush of the means of transport
  • physical attack


EUROVALLEY specialists will be happy to offer you a specific quote that reflects your individual needs.

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