Liability insurance

Each business or other entity is responsible for any damage it causes to third parties. Damage can never be completely ruled out even with maximum prevention, and compensation for damages can be high. That makes general liability insurance one of the basic insurance, which is appropriate for any activity.

In particular, liability insurance covers:

  • personal injury
  • property damage
  • financial damage
  • costs of legal representation in connection with the claim

Thanks to liability insurance you can protect yourself from the consequences of:

  • damage to the leased office
  • damage to the leased assets and equipment used in the conduct of business
  • recourse of health insurance companies in case of bodily damage
  • Damage caused by defective product

Depending on the type of risk we process most often:

  1. Product liability insurance (damage caused by a product or service)
  2. Professional indemnity insurance (basically the same as normal business, but some professions are seen as more risky, so they have their individualized type of insurance, eg lawyers, doctors, but also IT specialists)
  3. Direcors and officers liability insurance (D&O)
  4. Road carrier liability insurance
  5. Freight Forwarder Insurance
  6. Liability insurance in case of major accidents


EUROVALLEY specialists will be happy to provide you with a specific quotation that reflects your individual needs and covers the risks that may endanger you in your activities.

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