Professional indemnity insurance

The performance of professional activities is responsible for the consequences of any errors that may occur in the provision of professional services. Compensation of claims made by victims for these misconducts, which often reach significant amounts, can be provided by a professional indemnity insurance.

If you carry out any of the following activities, you as an individual- entrepreneur or your company have the statutory obligation to take out insurance against damages caused by performing a specialized activity:

  • Authorized architect, authorized engineer and technician active in construction
  • authorized persons
  • Healthcare facility, doctor, dentist and pharmacist
  • Attorney, notary, bailiff
  • Patent Attorney, Property Evaluator, Energy Auditor, Auctioneer
  • Auditor, tax advisor
  • Insolvency administrator
  • the sponsor of a clinical trial
  • operators of facilites with dangerous substances
  • producer and distributor of thermal energy
  • providers of social services, social and legal protection of children
  • an insurance or reinsurance broker and an insurance agent
  • hunter
  • railway operator on regional and national railways
  • vessel operator, including seagoing
  • nuclear operator
  • the aircraft operator and the provision of the flight service


In addition to these activities, Eurovalley recommends that you take out professional liability insurance beyond the legal obligations, for example for the following activities:

  • in information technology
  • accounting and tax consultancy
  • advisory and consultancy services


Thanks to many years of experience, Eurovalley specialists will advise you on choosing the most suitable insurance program according to your specific needs.

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