Freight Forwarder Liability Insurance

Freight Forwarder Liability Insurance provides comprehensive protection to Freight Forwarders in the event of damage incurred in connection with the provision of transport, for which the Freight Forwared is responsible in compliance with the applicable legislation.

The scope of the insurance can be extended to include the freight forwarder's liability as a warehousekeeper or freight forwarder as the carrier (ie cases where the freight forwarder assumes the carrier's responsibility without carrying out the carriage himself).


The insurer indemnifies:

  • damage to property
  • financial damage
  • costs of legal representation of the insured against the claim for damages
  • costs of determining the extent and amount of damage by the emergency commissioner
  • rescue costs (eg. costs of averting an impending insured event or mitigating the consequences of an insured event)


Examples of damage:

  • giving wrong dispositions to the carrier
  • Incorrect completion of transport documents
  • damage caused by storage, packaging of goods
  • improper securing of the consignment on the vehicle


EUROVALLEY specialists will be happy to provide you with a specific quote that will cover specific risks associated with the provision of freight forwarding activities. They will also advise you on determining the optimal coverage, including an assessment of the insurance coverage of your contractual carriers.

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