Liability insurance in case of major accidents

This insurance is a mandatory part of comprehensive insurance protection for your company if you use buildings and facilities in which a certain amount of a dangerous chemical listed in Act No. 59/2006 Coll., for example ammonium nitrate, hydrogen chloride, chlorine, methanol, acetylene, formaldehyde, etc.

An important obligation stipulated in the Act is to take out liability insurance for damage caused as a result of a major accident.


The law stipulates that insurance must be taken out:

  • within 100 days of the date on which the decision of the regional authority to approve the security program or security report comes into force;
  • before commissioning a new facility or facility.

The competent regional authority registers every insurance contract as well as all changes and can impose a fine of up to 700 000 CZK if your company fails to comply with the obligation to take out this insurance or to notify any change in insurance.

The greatest risk of a major accident is related to the leakage of a dangerous substance, a fire or an explosion in the premises where the dangerous substance is produced, processed or stored. The consequences of such an accident may endanger the lives and health of people around the property, their property, but also the environment.

On the basis of your security program and evaluation of possible impacts, we will advise you on setting the indemnity limit and the scope of insurance. EUROVALLEY specialists will then prepare a specific quotation for you.

EUROVALLEY always brings the best solution to your insurance needs. It uses its long-term experience with insurance products and knowledge of local and international markets.

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