Road carrier liability insurance

The liability insurance for road carriers is intended for entities operating domestic or international road transport. The insurance can be extended to cover unspecified contractual carriers of the insured, the so-called subcarriers.

The insurance covers damages incurred during transport when the carrier is responsible for them in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and international conventions.


The following scenarios are covered:

  • damage to the cargo
  • costs of legal protection of the insured against a claim
  • costs of determining the extent and amount of damage by the emergency commissioner
  • rescue costs (eg. costs of averting an impending insured event or mitigating the consequences of an insured event)

Examples of losses:

  • damage to the cargo being carried as a result of an accident or sudden braking
  • theft of the goods during transport due to slitting of the cargo compartment of the vehicle
  • vehicle fire including cargo due to a technical defect of the vehicle

EUROVALLEY recommends that you take out liability insurance for road carriers, as the risk of damage and therefore your liability increases as the volume and value ​​of the transported goods steadily increases.

EUROVALLEY specialists have extensive experience in the area of ​​liability insurance, including knowledge of the legal environment. They will be happy to provide you with a specific quotation and provide you with advice on determining the optimal coverage, the sum insured and other insurance parameters, including the evaluation of the insurance coverage of your contractual carriers.

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