Construction/Erection All risk Insurance (CAR/EAR)

The basic concept of CAR/EAR insurance is to provide protection during assembly or construction works. It is intended for all entities involved in the construction or assembly of the work, including the investor. Insurance can be arranged individually for a specific work or as a framework policy for all works that meet the specified conditions.


CAR/EAR insurance consists of:

  • property damage insurance, which mainly applies to natural disasters, theft, vandalism, fall of a thing, impact, damage caused by improper handling, improper operation, etc.
  • third party liability insurance resulting from the construction or assembly works
  • insurance of lost investor's profit in case of delayed commissioning of the work due to damage to the work - ALOP


Depending on the agreed scope, the insurance may further include, for example:

  • damage to the work during the trial operation and warranty period
  • damage caused by the contractors involved in building the work to each other


Thanks to building and construction insurance you will get comprehensive insurance of risks related to construction or assembly.


EUROVALLEY specialists will be happy to present you a specific quote that will reflect your individual needs and requirements.


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