Insurance of technical risks

Technical risk insurance is intended for all business entities regardless of their size. Together with the basic property, business interruption and liability insurance, they form a comprehensive insurance protection for a modern company. Eurovalley recommends this insurance especially in cases where a machinery or electronic devices form a key part of the production process or if the device is unique.


Technical risk insurance includes:

  • machinery breakdown insurance
  • electronics breakdown insurance
  • Machine / electronic business interruption


Thanks to technical risk insurance your operation will be protected in case of:

  • damage caused by operator error
  • damage caused by the operation of the equipment
  • damage caused by frost and ice
  • financial damage caused by the business interruption caused of the machinery or electronic equipment


Eurovalley specialists will be happy to provide you with a specific quote that reflects your individual needs and covers the risks that may threaten the continuity of your operations.

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