Cargo insurance

This type of insurance is mainly intended for cargo owners (exporters, importers) who are interested in having their goods overcome the risks associated with transportation without prejudice. However, the insurance contract may also be negotiated by forwarders who offer this insurance to their clients - principals - within the framework of transport.

Cargo insurance covers the risk of damage, destruction or loss of the cargo during its transport by all means of transport throughout the world. The insurance is usually valid for the entire duration of the transport (from warehouse to warehouse), including loading, unloading and other handling during transport as well as any intermediate storage. The scope of insurance can be compiled according to your individual needs and with regard to the type of goods, transport route and type of transport.


Insurance can be arranged:

  • against all risks - all risks are covered except those excluded in the insurance conditions or in the insurance contract
  • against the specified insurance risks (limited scope) - only the risks listed in the insurance contract are covered (eg natural disasters, vehicle accident, etc.)


The insurance can be further extended eg by:

  • cover for exhibitions and fairs
  • subsequent financial damage
  • the risk of war, strikes


Examples of damage:

  • natural disasters
  • vehicle accidents, sinking of ships, etc.
  • Theft, robbery
  • damage caused by handling the shipment, loading or unloading
  • Common accident costs


Eurovalley recommends you - the owners of the transported goods (exporters, importers) - to arrange a parcel transport insurance regardless of whether you use well-proven and properly insured carriers for your transport. The institute of liability of the carrier or its insurance may not provide sufficient guarantee that you will be adequately compensated in case of damage to the transported goods.

The liability of the carrier is governed by legal regulations under which the carrier can be relieved of its liability and will not compensate you for the damage. In addition, for international shipments, the scope of compensation under the relevant international conventions is limited to the weight of lost or destroyed goods. This means that the compensation paid by the carrier for its liability may be substantially lower than the actual value of the goods (amount of damage).


Eurovalley specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in cargo insurance and will be happy to provide you with a specific quote based on the structure of the shipments performed. They will also advise you on the use of Incoterms delivery clauses with regard to insurance.

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