By insurance products:

1. Property insurance

  1. Property insurance (buildings and structures, movable assets, supplies, money)
  2. Cargo insurance (goods or own property during transport)
  3. Insurance of technical risks (insurance of machines, insurance of electronics)
  4. Construction and assembly insurance (CAR / EAR)

2. Liability insurance

  1. Liability insurance (damage caused by the entity activity)
  2. Product liability insurance (ie damage caused by a product or service)
  3. Professional liability insurance (basically the same as normal business, but some professions are seen as more risky, so they have their individualized type of insurance, eg lawyers, doctors, but also IT specialists)
  4. Director & Officers insurance (D&O)
  5. Insurance of liability of a road carrier, freight forwarder
  6. Liability insurance for major accidents

3. Business Interruption

  1. Business Interruption (loss of income due to traffic restrictions)
  2. Increased cost Insurance resulting from BI (eg weather insurance)
  3. Rent insurance (lost rent)

4. Insurance of financial risks

  1. Outstanding invoices and receivables
  2. Financial guarantees (guarantees), possibly guarantees in case of bankruptcy of the employment agency, excise duty guarantees, customs debt insurance, insurance of the financial capacity of the carrier
  3. Withdrawal from the market
  4. Fraud and dishonest behavior
  5. Legal protection
  6. Travel insurance
  7. Insurance of terrorism and kidnapping
  8. Insurance of environmental damage and environmental risks
  9. Insurance of contamination

5. Insurance of vehicles

  1. Liability
  2. Accident insurance
  3. Supplementary insurance (glass insurance, assistance and rental of a replacement vehicle, seat accident insurance, luggage insurance, extension of GAP insurance)

6. Agricultural insurance

  1. Crops, plants and stands
  2. Livestock
  3. Forests
  4. Agricultural machines

7. Employee insurance

  1. Life insurance and supplementary pension insurance as an employee benefit
  2. Accident insurance
  3. Health insurance
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