Insurance solutions - transport and transportation

Do you do business in the field of transport? Minimize transport risks!

We will help you eliminate the risks associated with liability for damage caused to the goods being transported and minimize penalties for failure to deliver the goods on time.

We will design an effective solution for transport risk insurance according to your current needs. Transport insurance, appropriately selected on the basis of an analysis of current needs, has provided many of our clients money savings by minimizing the risks involved in the transport of goods.

The knowledge and experience of our Eurovalley specialists in the insurance of transport and forwarding companies is a guarantee of safe business for carriers, exporters, importers and all companies for whom it is important to have reliable liability insurance, insurance of goods transport, insurance of vehicles and property.

Key risks:

  • Damage to goods during transport
  • Theft of goods
  • Professional liability
  • Outstanding receivables
  • Phantom carriers

Related Products

  • Carrier liability insurance
  • Freight Forwarder Insurance
  • Shipment insurance
  • Insurance of the financial capacity of the carrier
  • Vehicle insurance - motor third party liability insurance, motor hull insurance, additional insurance, assistance
  • Property insurance
  • Liability insurance for members of statutory bodies
  • Insurance of political risks and terrorism
  • Insurance in case of non-payment of receivables by the customer
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