Insurance solutions - metallurgy

Metallurgy is a field of business, which is related to the production of most industrial enterprises. Eurovalley protects all your risks, including those specific to metallurgical production.

Economic cooperation of European countries has been laid on coal and steel. Unfortunately, metallurgy as a strategic manufacturing industry goes hand in hand with a wide range of risks due to high energy demands, hot metal work and a high degree of dependence on feedstock suppliers. Therefore, a quality insurance program for companies operating in the metallurgy industry should be a combination of standard and specific types of insurance.

Eurovalley specialists have enough experience to help clients choose the optimal combination of insurance products according to their individual needs.

Key risks of metallurgy:

  • Importing cheap steel from countries outside the European Union
  • high investment requirements for greening
  • raw material dependence on suppliers of coking coal, iron ore and scrap
  • machine interruption of operation
  • High demands on health and safety at work

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