Insurance solutions - power engineering

So that the energy invested in business brings maximum use.

ENERGY is a field where the knowledge of the risk management is very demanding. Eurovalley's many years of experience guarantee clients the best specialized insurance products and quality service.

The Energetics specialization focuses on insurance in the areas of electricity, gas and heat production. Our specialists have extensive experience in energy risk management. Based on the risk analysis, they prepare a specific insurance program proposal that meets the requirements and needs of a particular client.

Our energy insurance services:

A quality insurance program for a company operating in the energy industry is a combination of:

  • standard products - property insurance, insurance of technical risks (ie damage to machinery), insurance of machinery and business interruption and operation of key business partners, general liability insurance - including liability for damage caused by defective product
  • specific types of insurance - liability insurance for damage resulting from a major accident, insurance of environmental damage, insurance against adverse weather conditions, or nuclear risk insurance

Thanks to our experience and direct access to the world insurance and reinsurance markets, we can offer you services even in the most demanding insurance risks, such as nuclear risks. We are ready to provide you with quality services, including claims settlement - almost all over the world.

Key risks for energy companies:

  • Limited amount of available resources
  • investment intensity of the industry
  • price volatility
  • weather changes
  • legislative changes
  • changes in political regimes
  • requirements of international pressure groups

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