Insurance solutions - D&O: liability insurance for company board members

The liability insurance of members of company bodies is a suitable product for smooth management of the company.

Even the management of the company is not without risk. Possible damages caused by poor management procedure can be liquidation for the company and its manager. Therefore, the insurance of board members is a very useful insurance product.

The subject of D&O insurance is to cover personal liability for financial damage incurred by members of the Company's statutory and supervisory bodies in the performance of their duties.

Key risks:

  • Members of corporate bodies are always obliged to act with “due diligence” and can cause significant damage if they breach this obligation.
  • The personal liability of members of the institutions as „individual“ is insured.
  • In addition to liability insurance and the related obligation to indemnify the injured party, D&O insurance also covers a number of possible costs, including legal expenses.
  • In particular, the company owners or the company's creditors in the event of bankruptcy may be the injured party.

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