Insurance solutions - cyber

Protect the risks of the new digital era.

The use of the Internet brings significant risks to many business sectors, with the threat of data loss or misuse. For the management of cyber risks, Eurovalley CYBER insurance is used as a tool to cover the liability of the company in case of leakage and misuse of data or sensitive data of clients. CYBER insurance is designed primarily as liability - to cover liability for damage caused to third parties. At the same time, the insured also provides coverage of various costs related to data leakage or loss.

The target group of this insurance product is large data companies: e-shops, online bookmakers, IT companies (especially cloud service providers), media companies, network suppliers (telecommunications, electricity, heat, gas, water, etc.), retail, financial institutions, or health care facilities.

Eurovalley CYBER combines:

  • third party liability insurance for breach of personal data or sensitive corporate data and information (third party loss is covered)
  • property insurance in the form of insurance of various expenses for IT experts, costs for PR experts, etc. (insurance coverage for damage caused directly to the insured is provided - First party loss)

Key risks:

  • Corporate responsibility for the data (sensitive data) of clients, partners and employees that it collects, manages and uses
  • The risk of leakage of personal data, client data and information is a daily threat to the functioning of any company - there is a risk of targeted attack from outside (hacker attack) or internal leakage of information due to employee misconduct or intention
  • loss of profit due to disruption of operations
  • reputation damage
  • blackmail through the network
  • fines from the regulator (Office for Personal Data Protection) - these risks may be covered by CYBER insurance

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